Class ForgeAdvancementProvider

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public class ForgeAdvancementProvider extends AdvancementProvider
An extension of the AdvancementProvider to provide a feature-complete experience to generate modded advancements.
  • Constructor Details

    • ForgeAdvancementProvider

      public ForgeAdvancementProvider(PackOutput output, CompletableFuture<HolderLookup.Provider> registries, ExistingFileHelper existingFileHelper, List<ForgeAdvancementProvider.AdvancementGenerator> subProviders)
      Constructs an advancement provider using the generators to write the advancements to a file.
      output - the target directory of the data generator
      registries - a future of a lookup for registries and their objects
      existingFileHelper - a helper used to find whether a file exists
      subProviders - the generators used to create the advancements