Class ItemExpireEvent


public class ItemExpireEvent extends ItemEvent
Event that is fired when an EntityItem's age has reached its maximum lifespan. Canceling this event will prevent the EntityItem from being flagged as dead, thus staying it's removal from the world. If canceled it will add more time to the entities life equal to extraLife.
  • Field Details

    • extraLife

      private int extraLife
  • Constructor Details

    • ItemExpireEvent

      public ItemExpireEvent(ItemEntity entityItem, int extraLife)
      Creates a new event for an expiring EntityItem.
      entityItem - The EntityItem being deleted.
      extraLife - The amount of time to be added to this entities lifespan if the event is canceled.
  • Method Details

    • getExtraLife

      public int getExtraLife()
    • setExtraLife

      public void setExtraLife(int extraLife)