Class ItemEntity

All Implemented Interfaces:
CommandSource, TraceableEntity, EntityAccess, Nameable, ICapabilityProvider, ICapabilityProviderImpl<Entity>, ICapabilitySerializable<CompoundTag>, IForgeEntity, INBTSerializable<CompoundTag>

public class ItemEntity extends Entity implements TraceableEntity
  • Field Details


      private static final EntityDataAccessor<ItemStack> DATA_ITEM

      private static final int LIFETIME
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      private static final int INFINITE_PICKUP_DELAY
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      private static final int INFINITE_LIFETIME
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    • age

      private int age
    • pickupDelay

      private int pickupDelay
    • health

      private int health
    • thrower

      @Nullable private UUID thrower
    • target

      @Nullable private UUID target
    • bobOffs

      public final float bobOffs
    • lifespan

      public int lifespan
      The maximum age of this EntityItem. The item is expired once this is reached.
  • Constructor Details

    • ItemEntity

      public ItemEntity(EntityType<? extends ItemEntity> p_31991_, Level p_31992_)
    • ItemEntity

      public ItemEntity(Level p_32001_, double p_32002_, double p_32003_, double p_32004_, ItemStack p_32005_)
    • ItemEntity

      public ItemEntity(Level p_149663_, double p_149664_, double p_149665_, double p_149666_, ItemStack p_149667_, double p_149668_, double p_149669_, double p_149670_)
    • ItemEntity

      private ItemEntity(ItemEntity p_31994_)
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